Lustra Jazz 5896 Mantra

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Lustra  Jazz 5896 Mantra

Lustra Jazz 5896 Mantra

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Cod produs: Jazz 5896 Mantra

Disponibil: Comanda

Pret: 1480 RON
  * pretul include TVA 19 % si Timbru Verde (daca e aplicabil).

Caracteristici produs:
DIMENSIUNI imaginea atasata; diametru 44 cm ; inaltime=80-200cm
NR. BECURI-TIP BEC/DULIE E27 MAX 3x20W - 220/240V (no incl.)
CLASA ENERGETICA corp compatibil cu bec clasa A++ pana la E

Jazz : colectie eleganta  de corpuri de iluminat inspirata din trambite , saxofoane , pentru iubitorii muzicii si nu numai. Finisaj : auriu (
“Jazz”is the formal distillation of elegance and style of
the 50´s as a shape of constructive rhythm. Close your
eyes. Imagine that you are in New York, hanging around
and some musical notes come out of a club. Imagine a
counterpoint of sensations, strolling along the Akasaka
suburb in Tokyo,and within that chaos, you find an
oasis of peace with melodic notes, surrounded by wood
and pictures on ancient glories. “Jazz”is formally
inspired on trumpets,saxophones and classical
trombones, with unique details of this music style.It
plays with the “Vintage”aesthetics and it is inspired on
it to convey its warm shapes.)
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